Sandbox Coloring App Reviews

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Why sandbox is a great game

It is a great game because you don’t need a membership to play.

The free-draw function is flawed

I enjoy this app a lot and $2.99 a week for unlimited art is a pretty good deal. I like the art and the animated drawings are so fun to finish. I only have one problem and that’s the free-drawing area. I love to share my work with other people and so the free-draw function is a great idea! Problem is it’s very tedious to use. It’s hard to color a large area when you only have one pixel to color with and you can’t fill in areas like you can in the normal modes. Also, the grid is difficult to see if you’re coloring in full screen. This function needs a ton of work. And the other problem is submitting work for people to use. I submitted a bunny to sandbox a bunch of months ago and never saw it uploaded or anything. I contacted Sandbox, asking if there were requirements for submitting work but a month has passed and no response. I’ve tried looking on the internet and found nothing either. I want to share art like a lot of people on this app, but I have no idea how. I wish that I had some rules or explanation about how to let other people publicly color my work. Maybe a tutorial or something? I think that would be great if more people were allowed to make their own work for people to draw. Heck, if it were a member thing, I’d pay for it. Otherwise, this app has art that is just so awesome to draw.

Great stress relief

I usually play this just to blow off some steam or calm down. Really wish the searches were based on the subject and not the collection. Otherwise, 11/10!

Too many things cost money nowadays

I was really excited to download this app. Seeing the ads got me so excited. Now that I’m playing it... it’s fun and addictive... but all the good pictures cost money cause of the membership thing. PLEASE improve.

Buy this game

It is the best game in the world I have been playing on it every day 🤗

Amazing game! Great work!

This is probably the best pixel art app I’ve ever had on my phone ( and I’ve had lots). Personally I think that the app could use an improvement or two though. I feel that whenever I’m editing my collections it becomes tedious to remove lots of images, to combat this you could add a way to mass edit/remove creations. Thank you for your time and effort that was put into this app!

Love it

This is the Most fun art app ever!!!!


It’s way way better than no draw and easier to do you cold take this on plane and be happy


When I looked at the new update, I saw we could put wallpapers. I tried to hit the button but it did not work.

Watch a video (Ad) = unlock a premium picture(s)

I love this app other than you have to have a subscription to color a lot of pictures. Even though yes, you can still color tons of pictures without paying, I feel like it would also be cool if we could watch a video (Ad) and unlock 1-3 pictures that we couldn’t usually color without paying for a subscription. This is just a opinion and I still love the app, but I feel like it a lot of people would like this feature added to the app :)

I love sandbox

This game is awesome cause there is no end always new things to color


I would love if all the pictures you already color in moved to the finish page so you don’t have to search forever to get to clear ones and if there was a switch in the settings area to where you can hide the ones you need to pay for


I love sandbox I love to color things.


If this game never came out I would be crying but this game did come out I am super happy that it’s around people need to love this game if anyone hates it back off this game is the best game in the world


I really love this game.I think it’s the best game I have ever played! I really think this should deserve five stars! Everyone should have this game.

Love it but...

If there was an option in settings to hide all the pay to color pieces so you don't have to scroll forever to find the free ones, that would be nice. There is a bunch of pieces with the hearts on them, but it's harder to find the free ones after a couple of weeks have passed. I'm sure you want it there to entice customers to pay for premium, but it also annoys the people who have no intention of ever paying money for the premium and just wants to color the free pieces.


I love this app don’t get me wrong. But I do not understand how to add an IOS device to the family sharing access


It is the best game ever


This game is so awesome

I really enjoy it. It’s great.

I love it

Add Shuffle?

This app has me addicted since I found it. I enjoy the fresh update with a few new pictures. Could a shuffle page, like a pull down to refresh, but in a shuffle mode, to randomize the pictures be something to think about? I like variety and this has that, but only after scrolling for a few minutes.other than that love iiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!

YT background ( on sandbox)

This helped me make a background for my YouTube channel. Thx Sandbox! Subscribe to OmegaZGaming. About 25 subs or more

Its great

It's super good but I don't like how if you already colored something and tap it again it makes it that color but everything else is amazing it's a great game the graphics are good and the quality is good to overall your creation is amazing!! Thank you for making this great game😊😊😃:)


THEY HAVE UNDERTALE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best app. Best features. Best admins/creators.

Sandbox coloring is an amazing coloring app. So many great features. I love that the creators and people behind it update stuff regularly and constantly add things that make it that much better. 🔹If I could make one suggestion, it’d be to make a way to remove multiple coloring pages at once rather than having to do it one at a time.🔹 Great job everyone that takes part in that! As a customer I really appreciate it I recommend this app to ANYONE❤️


It is an amazing app when your bored but I’ve had to delete it and it doesn’t saves my stuff so I just haven’t wanted to use it that much now but it’s still fun.

muy buen juego

apenas lo baje ayer pero si me gusta

Rude customer service

Horrible Customer Service. Horrible app


Awesome game though all coloring sheets should be able to be used


It’s ok


Lost all my progress. Had over 2,000 pictures colored. Someone please help me!

Tay’s review

It is a really cool game and really addictive!

The great game

A great way to pass time


I love this app for so many reasons! TEAM SANDBOX FOR LIFE


I love the anime characters that they make!


It is amazing



I love you all

Thanks for making sandbox


It is a best game because it calms you down if you are angry

Don’t buy unicorn 3D buy sandbox

Love this game

Very addicting

This app is very addicting. I use it when I’m on road trips and when I have free time. This app never bores me.

Good job


Soooo cool

I love this game it’s so fun but it takes patience


This game is crazy fun I love it

Sand box

It is so fun and relaxing you should get it 😎😎

Hermoso dibujo

Esta muy bonita me encanto ok

Good, but...

Sandbox is great... if you want to spend money on an account. Many things are blocked off unless you pay money for a subscription. I’ll still use it, but I’m not thrilled with the money-begging.

This game is so fun and so addictive

I loooovvvve this game

More adding and subtracting pictures

I would like to see more pictures with adding and subtracting it was fun doing that one

Read pls

So overall I AM ADDICTED to this game. But a few changes would be nice! So the realistic faces are always premium and it’s kinda hard to find realistic ones as a non premium so can you make it so there are more realistic choices?

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