Sandbox Coloring App Reviews

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Hi everyone please download the sandbox app

This is fun

I like coloring 👍🏽


I love it

The best

I think is the best game I ever played in my entire game experience and I hope every one on the internet will see that to

Pretty good

I love Sandbox Coloring, but I wish it would tell you how many boxes you have left to color of each number.

Love this game

The best coloring app available!! Plenty of free pictures, very addictive. Love it!! 😃

Sandbox I like this

People should make more games like this

5 star

This is my favorite coloring app ever. This is an really nice and I highly recommend it.

You are the best

Cairo has always happened when my dad said you had your own phone

It’s great!! but......

It’s an awesome game!! But I suggest that y’all make daily challenges. And if you finish one you get coins and coins can unlock cooler coloring pages or something like that..... That’s all I had to say signed CoolKid

Great but....

Tbh I love this app! It has video game characters and tv characters to color in which I love! But it’s a little hard for me to know when I colored everything in and finished the picture. Maybe you can do something about that and that’ll make this app even better

Love but wish support was available.

I love this app but I really wish support was available. I’ve emailed and never received a response. I have the annual subscription and received a new phone and so did my son, and it won’t allow me to add him to my family or remove his old device from it. I wish I knew how to contact the sandbox developers! There isn’t an email function in my settings, nor does it show the family thing anymore though I alone am able to color the premium ones. Please help!

Great Game

It’s an amazing game I truly enjoy playing it and play whenever I’m bored and on very many devices I absolutely love it

Great App

Love this app. Spend a lot of time doing this! Wish we could share with friends on Facebook

It’s good

I like it but,I don’t like that you have to pay to get other pictures.I mean, what’s the point of getting it free? I give it:👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👎🏻

Amazing problem though

The first time I got this game it was amazing and I've had it for two years and I'm still loving it. There is just a slight problem that whenever I erase a line or part of the picture, the lines I erased would turn bright blue✏️ I would really hope that you can fix this small glitch, but other than that, it's a big thumbs up👍👍👍😁😁

Sandbox coloring

Sandbox coloring is really fun to play and I love the game but it’s not for little kids but for 7 and up its super fun


I love this app but I would like to see more intricate art and less juvenile like art. Too many childlike art pieces.


As much as I love this app, there are some adjustments that I think could be made. First off, almost all the photo realistic pictures are locked and you need to pay in order to unlock them. And to be totally honest, ALL the cool pictures are locked. That is NOT A EXAGGERATION!! I have also noticed that most pictures are animated. But the animations are not very exciting. The animations are usually just the picture moving back-and-forth and or sparkling. I’ve also noticed that when you were making your own picture, that there are only a certain amount of colors you were able to use. You were able to change the color but that means that you can only have about 32 different colors in your picture. I feel you should be able to have as many colors as you would like that way your pictures can be even more photo realistic. One last thing. There are so many sandbox pictures, that when you search them sometimes what you’re looking for does not come up. For instants one time I looked up Anime pictures, but nothing came up. I feel this is a problem because now there isn’t as many pictures as you wish to make. So if you could just unlock some more photo realistic pictures, let us add as many colors to our own pictures as we would like, and make the animations a little more impressing, then this would be a five star app. thank you for taking the time to read my review, and PLEASE, fix some of the things that I talked about.

Best app. Best features. Best admins/creators.

Sandbox coloring is an amazing coloring app. So many great features. I love that the creators and people behind it update stuff regularly and constantly add things that make it that much better. Great job everyone that takes part in that! As a customer I really appreciate it I recommend this app to ANYONE❤️

So awesome!!!!

I love this game sooo much!! It is a great workout for you brain. It really keeps you occupied if your bored. If you tap on really big spaces, it colors it for you!! I love that Soo much! If anyone says it's a horrible game, don't listen to them because this is the best workout for your mind and you don't have to color inside a REAL coloring book😜 You don't go outside the lines and I hate going outside the lines😒 It makes your picture look ugly like that. I love this app Soo much! I just downloaded yesterday and I love it already. But here are some things I don't like. 1. Sometimes you have to pay for the picture to color it. 2. Whenever you are coloring another number and it's close to another color, sometimes it takes off the other color. These are some reasons why I don't like this game for. Overall, I am really enjoying this game Soo much! Please play it!!😎😋😜

Great game

This game is so much fun especially if you like art

It’s awesome

I really like the game but my phone was running low on space so I deleted it but when I got it back all of my saved finished art was gone is there a way I can retrieve my art I colored in

It so goood

Iiiiiiiiittttttt sssssssooooooooo ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn


This was awsome all of my friends play it

It great but...

The family sharing feature isn’t on here

If I could rate it more I would

Such a fun app for any age. My favorite app I have ever gotten is this one. Premium is 100% worth it. I do at least 4 pics a day. Although be warned that it does have a premium so not everything is free.


This game is the coolest!!! You see a lot of knockoffs out there but none can replace sandbox! I got this game because my cousin recommended it to me. Now, I’ve recommended it to several people and they have been pleased! I love the new features! My favorite is the one where you can take a picture from your library and make a sandbox out of it! There are no ads to it’s relaxing and simple. There’s no better coloring app then sandbox!

Blown away

This app is super fun and when u like to color play this game cause it’s the right coloring app for you Evan when there’s nothing to do and u want to draw and there’s no paper play this game cause it’s fun and you get to draw.Thank you for reading this .-.


It is the best game for going in a trip

Minor issues

It’s ok. Sandbox got a new update with these pics that move around! So I got to admit, a lot of them a scary! But the rest is great apart from another part, u have to pay if ur going to do the fun ones. The fun ones have a heart on them by the side so u can’t ever do them.

I wanted something

I really wished they had something’s related to a youtuber names Aphmau and that’s all I wanted from them hope I see that soon if you dont know Aphmau then go on YouTube and search for Aphmau just spelled like this ok now bye

Love this app

I love this app but I also liked it when it was on your number the number you had to tap on was gray and the other numbers where white

Sandbox Review

I enjoy playing this game it keeps me occupied when I’m bored and it’s super fun color on this app I’m very happy with my decision to download Sandbox Coloring!


Sand box is amazing my daughter is having so much fun with it. It is easier than the other ones she has tried so she doesn’t get frustrated.


I don’t like seeing the animation and moving until the picture is colored the surprise was the best part


Very nice


You always put money in a picture so you have to pay it ....... dum

Love it but...

I love this app but I pay for full access and family access. When I first signed up for this I was able to add family but now it won’t let me add anymore. I only have one. When I click add it says “Please contact us to add a family member”. I have clicked the link to contact you at least three times and never received a response from you. This is very irritating.

Tapping with multiple numbers together. Drag and color would be quicker and easier.

.tap. Drag and color would be better

Fun but annoying

I use the app daily usually in the evening to relax. I particularly enjoyed watching the action appear after I completed those special pictures. Now the action is on and I find it really irritating and would like to be able to turn it off. I immediately delete all the action now. Would also like to have the ability to delete completed pictures as a group instead of one at a time. I have an older IPad and delete to free up space.

I love this game!!!!!!❤️💝💖

This is the best ever!!!! I love it 😍😘😗😙😚😆😁😄😃😀😅😂🤣☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌


Hi Sandbox I love this app. I think that it gives a lot of people, like me, tips on drawing and art stuff and stuff like that. I am really happy that I guys invented this app

This app is so crazily good 👌🤩

Ok so I don’t usually do review but OMG this app deserves one. So my friend had this app and the first good thing was it was free and SUPEReasy to install. Next most of the good things were FREE. Then there was the fact that you can take a lot of photos. And last but not least and the meaning of this review...🔲YoU cAn MaKe YoUr OwN🔲. Now I don’t really know about the photos thing because I haven’t taken many but STILL it is the only [and best even if there were more] coloring app I need on my device. ♥️♥️

Really good

Its a great game I 😍 love it but on day soon you should send a notification that all the pictures u can color even the ones with the lil Hearts in the corner. That’d be really nice thx! Its a great game overall tho!

Love this game so much!!

Sooooooooo........ ok that’s all I have to say that I love this game so much and I have no other word but that thx for making this game!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

In paradise

This game is so relaxing and fun! I play it when I get stressed and bored and it calms me right down!


This is the best game ever it is so fun me and my cousin play it all the time: ,

I have a question...

This game is a good game, I love other people’s pixels, and i created pixels to color, but I have a question... how do I send my pixels to other people so they get to color my pixel. I tried to find a way, I looked and looked, but I didn’t see anything. Can you tell me how please?


This is a nice app

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