Sandbox Coloring App Reviews

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The best thing ever! Keep up with the work!!!

Plz do more of these

So much fun!!

I love this game so much!! You can color so many objects!! Sand box is awesome!!!


Sandbox is such a fun game. I love to draw but I'm not good at it so this app helps me to be a better drawer.

This app is great!

This is a great app for everyone, I highly recommend! It’s fun, and you can find almost anything you want to color. I love this app! I have a suggestions for it. Maybe make it to where you can take a picture off your camera roll, pick how many squares you want and color it. Maybe make a way to see others works and what they colored and if you see something you like you can color it too


These pixel art apps only want money from u

I love it

I love this app because Me myself a 10 Year Old , very rarely To find a Game That gets addictive. I jus pt love how it Help you Find The numbers better to Color. Like when you seen A pixel drawing and you’re press it and there’s so many numbers Well when you do the outline ITS LIKE LOOKS WAY LESS!!!!

The best!

This is the best game to play if your bored, it’s the best time killer ever! Ps you should add more animals!


Please add a couple nutcrackers for Christmas!(:

It is good

It is good but not everything is unlocked so it is bad and fun 😟😋

Super fun if you like to color

I love this game because there is so many choices and you can watch a short clip of what you drew after that also it is a great time waster if you are very bored

Very Nice. Suggestions

This is a very good game....well is it a game or an app? Anyway I play this for hours every day, and I have one request please add some video game sprites like sonic, Mario, and games in general. Thank so much keep up the great work!!! :D


I like this app and it’s addicting but maybe you could use a credit system where you can use credits to get more artwork that you have to pay for. That would be cool. Is there a creators app or something? Or is that a feature if the premium? I think there should be a creators app. That would be neato.🖤 stay sad, but not too sad, or you’ll die.🖤 ~Social Repose~

Good but not great

I love the new “A” pictures but could you please remove the magnifying glass It is super bad


I love this game so much but I’m getting a new phone on Christmas and I don’t wanna lose all my progress. I would love if there was a way to save all that I have done, maybe have it connect to Facebook or something like that.

This app is addictive

This app is awesome I love pixel art I finished every level or picture anyone reading this needs to get this app if u like coloring or pixel art

It's really hard but you have to keep trying

Keep trying to get it. It's a great app I remember it now but later I can't remember but soon it's really hard. And mrs.Conway said they wanted the sand box coloring. So I go to App Store and buy sandbox coloring app!!!!

Make your own

It would be a 5 star if you add something so that you could make your own.

OMG Thanks sooo much for adding a search icon

Thank you sooo much

Not as great

It kinda takes forever ! I’m ok don’t worry I still like it

Amazing but-

Im absolutely addicted to Sandbox and its even inspired me to learn pixelart, but sometimes im busy and wanna do a certain template then cant find it again :<< Can you add a save for later option?? Like a folder of templates you "favorited" or saved


I love sandbox so amusing

Relaxing game, but requires a major tweak...

I’m going to start by saying that I LOVE color-by-number kits. When I found this app, I was immediately attached! It’s a great app with great pictures to color, but I did find one flaw, which, if fixed, could make the app even better for everyone. I don’t agree with the idea of paying a monthly subscription just to color pictures. It seems unreasonable, considering the content, and is beginning to turn me away from the app. I would like to color the more detailed pictures, but I don’t want to pay a subscription fee every month, week, etc. Maybe fix this by adding a premium mode where you only pay once to unlock all the pictures? Not trying to pressure you, I’m only suggesting a way to make your app more likeable. Overall, this is a solid app for coloring and stress relief. I highly recommend it.

Tic tac tour

I am the best.


This game is grea!Not only does it have an unlimited amount of coloring,but it also has new things to color everyday!!Now it has a search to look for things you might want to color easier to find!!!This game is awesome!!But one thing could be added.I had a game like this it was called unicorn and when you made a mistake it would make the phone vibrate.It really made you aware you had messed up! I would definitely want that on this! So it would be easier to spot mistakes!! Other than that suggestion I think this game is worth five stars!!!💫💫💫💫💫

The dream

Sand box is a really good game download it👍👍😍😍

Add these pictures

Please add some destiny pictures from the Xbox version game please and thank you

Good... but could be better

I love this app but think that there should be no in app purchases. It makes me mad when a coloring comes out that I want to do and it’s locked. It's too much money to get premium access. I know you need to make money, but come on!


my friend told me about this app before i got it.I thought it was stupid.But then my other friend bought it and said it was awesome!!! so i played it on her phone and I became OBSESSED with it. i downloaded it 5 days ago and i’ve already completed almost 💯!!! No adds,too!Please download!

How to Improve...

Dear SandBox...I love this app and can’t get off of it. It’s specials in every way and It’s so amazing! One thing I think you could add. I think you should add “Make an account” option. Here’s why: I really want to share an account with friends so I can see what kind of beautiful art pieces they have been working on and if they are not finished, others could add on! I could also share it to the community so other people can see aswell. I think this would make the game a lot better. Please add this feature! Thank you!


So much fun you should down load it 😁


Its a very well made app, i havnt had any bad experiences with it so far. The only reason im not rating it 5 stars is because i wish there would be more customizable settings such as increasing or decreasing the magnifying glass when you press and hold. Sometimes it throws me off and sometimes i wish there was no zoom at all. Other than that its a perfect app!


When you hold down and drag your finger it allows you to drag rather than tap to color, and I love that feature in apps like unicorn and Pixelmania, however this one has a magnifying glass pop up and it makes it SUPER confusing to use.

Turn off subscription????

I’m not planning to turn off subscription but ... I’d sure like to know how.

Search bar

If you add a search bar it would really help because my friend did one that I like and I can’t find it. Ever since I’ve been thinking of search bar.

AWESOME, but...........

I would totally give this app 5 stars if it weren't for these things. First of all can there PLEASE be a search bar, second why do all the good pictures (namely most of the cat pictures) have to be locked behind a subscription I know you have to make money somehow but can you please loosen your grip on the good pictures a bit, third sometimes when I am absolutely sure I am done with the color I'm using I look at the bottom of the screen and the color does not have the lines over it so I'm stressing out trying trying to find that color I missed when there isn't one, forth this is the most frustrating one of all in my opinion when I finish the picture I press the green check mark in the corner to see the time lapse and sometimes animation but for some reason it doesn't do it like it only shows the greyed version of it and it's really frustrating. Well other than that this game is really awesome and I highly recommend

Fun and Addicting

Personally, I think that Sandbox is great game. It’s fun and addicting, and much better than other apps in this genre. However, I have one complaint and two suggestions. My complaint is that when you feel like you’re done with one of the numbers, and you look at the bottom of the screen to make sure, and it says you aren’t done with it even though you can’t find any other of that number, that’s really annoying and kind of confusing, too. Do you think you could fix that? My suggestions are that I think you should let players make an account on it, so, if someone accidentally deletes the app, their progress wouldn’t be lost, because when they reinstall Sandbox, they can just log in, and their progress is saved completely. And the account wouldn’t even be there for social purposes; it would just be there to keep all your progress safe. Also, you should add a search bar, so, if someone wants to do a Christmas picture, they can type in “Christmas” in the search bar, and then some Christmas pictures will pop up. I know the little button that shows pictures related to a certain picture kind of helps with that, but I think a search bar would be easier. Please try to look into my suggestions! But, other than all that, it’s a great game. Updated Note: Thank you so much for adding the search bar!

The best pixel art app

So addictive! Even the free pictures are fun. I also like that it doesn’t have any ads unlike some of the other pixel art apps.


It’s so calming, follow me on Instagram @tumbl3leaf (:


I think this app is absolutely amazing. I love the variety of pages colors and designs. But I have a suggestion that I think you should consider, tons of apps like yours you can watch a video to get stuff that is normally bought so I was thinking maybe you guys could incorporate it into your app. So I was thinking that what you could do is have like three sets of pictures. Pictures that are purely premium or can be bought as sets(will explain later) , pictures that you can earn by watching videos or buy as sets, and last but not least the all over free pictures. Now when I say sets I mean like themes so you can buy three pictures for $0.99 or something like that so that way you don’t just have to pay premium. The reason why I am suggesting this is because some people like me can’t afford premium but they love he pictures that are for premium thanks

No shaded boxes


Good game but can’t do a lot

I think they need to make the cute ones free. Im sick and tired of them being so dang cute and i cant do it cause im BROKE.


I love it ❤️❤️

Amazing Game!

This game is very addicting and I love the animations!


It alright

Most amazing app!!!!

Best app ever. So addicted! One issue though is that you can’t do the drawings w/Hearts, And I have restrictions on my phone so I can’t download that part. Otherwise, while that is the only issue, for this game is so addicting! 👏🏽💯💗

Yes you are a great person

I love the way it has been a good app

A way to wind down and relax

I love this coloring app. It’s a great way to wind down and relax. I love the animated feature and especially the more challenging color pages.


Hi Cool app One thing that I instantly wished was an option to NOT highlight the number you are coloring. It could make it a little more realistic/ challenging. Another thing might be to adjust the zoom strength of the magnifier when you hold down the screen. Cool

I’m upset 😡

The coloring is stress relieving but I subscribed for the ♥️ pages and now I can’t unsubscribe my money is getting taken from me and I can’t stop it at least put a tutorial on how to unsubscribe I don’t have much money left


I love it so it is 5 stars but I do not like how it lets you only do some of them or you have to pay for it so that nocks 1 star off 😊

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