Sandbox Coloring App Reviews

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Why I prey sandbox

I love sandbox because it is so amazing when I'm bored I think of what can I do and I go on my phone and I see sandbox and I play on it 24 7

Sand box rocks😘😘😘

I like sand box because it's like so cool

So amazing

This app is so fun I love it

Sand box

The game is fun to play and learn

Amazing 😉



This gam is so awesome

Could be better

I like it but the only problem I have is that you have to pay for the good pictures and it makes me frustrated because I can’t get into the really kiddy pictures :(

Please fix

I’ve been loving this app since thanksgiving, even purchased it, but for at least a month now i’ve been wanting to add someone to my family plan but it won’t let me. it keeps saying i have to contact you to add someone and when i tap contact us it tells me email isn’t configured but there is no possible place to configure my email. so please fix this, it’s really annoying that i paid for this to share with loved ones but now i can’t even add them which is really ridiculous. once it’s fixed i will give 5 stars because i do really love this app!

Why I like sandbox

I like sandbox because it never lets me get bored and after your done with one picture you can do another picture and keep one going and every day there’s a new one By : Jadelynn


I love the app


The game is sooooo good!!! My friends and I love it and one of my friends even used it to ask out their crush and they said yes!!!❤️❤️ it was so cute. ONE SUGGESTION THO: you should add like an option where you can color your own pictures because it would mean a lot to everyone to color pictures that mean something to them❤️❤️ thanks if you read my review

Awesome game

I love it




No description but still awesome game!!!!😜😜😜😜😜😜


It’s fun and relaxing for doodling to pass the time, like in a waiting room or in line at a store or just relaxing. But I would rather pay for this app upfront just once instead of paying for the outrageous in-app prices everyday!! Nty


You really should make more of the things free. Because I finished all of the girl faces that were free because I have no life. And I need some more entertainment so please, make some more and MAKE THEM FREE!!

It’s great but...........

I really like this game and all the pictures in it, but I just wish that they wouldn’t have so many hearts. I can only do like 3 sandbox’s everyday instead of 6. Maybe they could do one week of every picture free.

Please read

I would totally give it a 5 star if you would make more drawings what are for free because I’m not allowed to use money online Thank you


Can you guys like make the selected colors darker so you can find them easier on the page. Thanks

Oh the subscriptions!😢

I would like to have a free trial without paying 7 dollars I would like to do the drawings the people who subscribed Why can’t we have equal rights


This is the best and I’m so glad it’s free thank you for this app☺️


Oh my gosh This game is so addicting It is the coolest game ever I do not know what I would have done without it It is legit the best

Fun Fun Fun!!!

Sandbox is a great app. It is fun and easy to play! Of your in a car and board I would just suggest just playing this game because I love it.

The images just bounce up and down

Everything I click on glitches out and nothing works. I DoNt CArE BecAUSe i dIdNt waNt To coLOr aNyWaYS...

10/10 App

For me it is very therapeutic Who knew such a simple thing as pixel coloring could be so satisfying?!?

Unlock levels

Overall, this is a fantastic app. With the all-new double tap feature I can do so many more projects! This is great when I need to relax and I love seeing the new art each day, like a “welcome back” kind of thing. However, I’d love to be able to do one of the premium levels without paying. For example, after I’ve completed 25 free levels I can unlock one premium. This way the developers know that customers use the app and it will give customers a reason to come back and play more. Overall, I love this app and can’t wait to finish even more levels right now!


Sandbox is really good, but we should be able to import our own photos so we can color them


This app is okay to play you can draw most of the pictures but half are not. You to pay more to get those certain pictures.


I thoroughly enjoy sandbox. I have arthritis in my hands and cannot hold a pencil very well to color. But only having to tap the number makes it possible for me to do. Thank you


Can you please add more of those math ones. It was so much fun

Love the app but there is a major issue

Let me start off by saying my whole family loves this app! My kids and I do a sandbox then send it to each other! I find it relaxing. We finally decided to go premium and were told by the sandbox app team the head family member on our family share plan had to pay the premium.... cool... we were all fine with that. It’s been almost a week and multiple emails a day to the sandbox team requesting Help because the subscription isn’t trickling down to the family members. More and more emails from my husband and myself..... still nothing.... I love this app so much and I’m so confused as to why can’t someone respond? We’ve asked for our subscription money to be refunded because clearly it isn’t going to serve its purpose on only one phone and not come through for the family. My advice stick with the free and don’t bother with premium unless you want to get ripped off. 💔


I love this coloring app because you don’t have to pay to color on the pictures and you can just color in it’s fun


So I really wanted to do a review on sandbox. Buuutttt, I couldn’t find anything wrong with it! I asked my friends if they had problems at all. Apparently, they did. One of my friends got the app excitedly, but after no more than seven pictures, it wouldn’t let her do more 🙁. Another said that sometimes it says there’s more of a number and there’s not. Yet ANOTHER said you have to wait to long. To get a picture to pull up. But I think that the bigger the picture, it’s probably harder to pull up. That’s pretty much it. Those are the only three reasons I gave it four stars. I recommend sandbox.


After the update, it crashes when I try to start coloring. Please fix.

Fun App

I really enjoy the color by numbers. I would like to make a couple suggestions that I think would be nice. Picture total box count. This would let you know in advance and on completion how many boxes you colored for each picture. Individual color box count. Would let you know how many per color and how many pesky ones you are searching for to finish the color. Stats in settings. Total completed pictures, quickest completed picture, longest completed picture, etc. Thanks for the app!


Awesome game!



It’s ok

It’s a very interesting but it hurts my thumbs with the constant tapping they should come up with a way to make it easier

Love it

Awesome but need more pics open


You should get the game I’m like yes I love it you can have a target and look in really good ❤️


Sandbox is one of the best games ever! I love all of the new updates! But I have one request... I wish less of the drawings you have to pay for. Like my sister she loves dogs but she can’t do the drawings that she wants to do. Anyway the most amazing game ever. I was also thinking can any of the sandboxes we make be featured on sandbox for other people to do?


Love sandbox, great time waster. I only have 3 suggestions. Add an account system to store data, add the ability to have profane drawings(but you must have an account AND be 18+) and then for us to be able to save the picture, but not it as a video:)


Love this. I can do it day or night. Fun and relaxing and VERY addictive!!!!

Needs Tutorials..CUZ I WANNA COLORR

Hi, so I just got this game and the first picture i try to color, it just doesn't let me color. So, could you please add a tutorial.. It's a great game👍🏻

Love this app but, there is always room for improvement

Say for those who don’t have sandbox unlimited you guys should make more of the pages that are realistic free because after a while the small simple ones just get boring. Also another thing that would fun to add is if you guys like put a camera into the app so that if we take a picture of something it turns it to pixelated and then we can color it ourselves so it’s more freedom when we’re making our own and it also would give us the colors that the camera picks up so take the unicorn coloring by number app for instance they have the same thing so if you guys want to look at that it might make more sense

Same colors

I love this app but the number of colors in some of the pictures seem unnecessary. Numbers 1 and 17 will both be black and I cannot tell the difference between them even when I zoom in. Same with the rest of the colors. Fix this please.

Love this app

I love this app do not change anything

Other ways to get locked pictures

This app is one of the best color by number games I’ve ever tried! However, there is one thing you should add into the app, it would be very helpful if there was another way to get locked pictures, the ones you have to pay for or get the free trial to use, as in maybe making it possible to get them by watching an add? I personally think the would be very helpful because there are some really cool locked pictures and I don’t want to go through the trouble of doing the free trial. Thank you for your consideration!

Rachel Coulon

I can’t stop playing! I love this game! So much fun! You need this game and all of its great features.

Subscription no longer shared

You used to be able to share a subscription with members of you family. The feature seems to have disappeared and support is not responding to my request. This app is way overpriced for a “paint by numbers”. I think $7.99 is far too much for a month. As free product, this is a good app. The 1 star rating is for the support or lack of.

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