Sandbox Coloring App Reviews

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Family fun ... I love to send finished pictures back and forth from my little niece!

Family fun .. sending finished pictures back and forth with my little niece!


This game is so cool and you can do it for hours. This new update makes it to where you can take any picture you want and now you can draw it! This game is certainly the best I would certainly recommend it.

No mucho me gusta

Es muy borroso y no se puede colorear bien una foto porque sale todo borroso ...

It awasome but

The game is amazing. I love all of the things you CAN color. But there isn’t much you can color you have to buy a lot of it. I just wish that they would have more stuff to color and not have to pay for it. It would make the app a lot better thing to use. Out of all the things to color if they were free I would give it and 5 star rating but with limitations a three will suit this app.

Love it!

Great game fun and simple

Naya baby 👧🏽👍

Love it

I Have A Rally!

I honestly think you can set a limit on coloring! So why have to pay for a stupid block to color more pictures? That is not fair. You could just make them sign in for an official account with you guys and just make people color a certain amount of something to level up. You could make more money with people on your app more. Just Saying 💁🏽‍♀️...

Awesome sandbox🐶🦊🐯🐨🐼🐻🦁🐤🐧🐵🐸🐢🦖🦄

It is very fun to play But I don’t think I want it to be over exciting!

Five star review

This is a great way to relax and kill time. It’s so fun to see how your artwork turns out and how it comes to life. I love this game and you will to.




Best game ever soooo addicting

App Update Suggestion

I wish you would add a feature where we are able to color all pictures and the ones that we are unable to color without purchasing a membership can be colored by viewing an ad or something of the sort.

Love this app

My niece and nephew are obsessed with this app so I got it on my phone. There’s nothing wrong with it or anything but it keeps sending me a chick emoji along with the words cluck-cluck?! I mean it’s okay till it sends it like 100 times in notifications. It’s funny tho. ****update it was a buggy system but I guess they fixed it! Haha thanks for getting back to me, developers 😁

This has been such a good app it’s easy and fun to use

I love it


This is a really good game it is perfect for adults and kids and especially for kids if they are learning their colors and numbers I love all of the animations and animals on here it is really great

The 3 Star Rating

I really like the game especially the unlimited paint. But I’m not so happy about how they made it so when you want to hold the number down, it magnifies it. So I love how in other games like it, you only press it down and it doesn’t have to magnify it.


Would like it more if you didn’t have to get a subscription to get all the best pics and features


I love sandbox and it is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!😝❤️❤️😀😋😜😎

Good app but a few things to add

I love this app and I play it all the time but I don’t like that when you tap on a different color on accident that you already colored it makes you do it again but I still think this is the best coloring app that I have ever used! Great job!!👍

Awesome! (Can you add something though?)

This is awesome! I've missed these things so much, and I'm glad there is a really good app on the App Store! I only have a few requests for you to add, but I don't think it's needed, as it is already awesome! I would like your finished drawings to be moved to a separate tab, as I have so many that it's tough to find my unfinished ones. The other addition I would like is a save tab and button. So if you find a picture you like but don't have the time to color it you can add it to this tab and get back to it when you have more time. Again, the app is great as is, but these things would make it even better! Thank you for making this app! My best friend and I love it so much! I still love this app, but there’s an issue with it... nothing major, it’s just if I got a different phone brand, I would lose all of my pictures I colored in/need to color. If you could add some sort of backup so if I got a different phone I could still have all of my pictures colored in, that would make this the best app ever! Thank you in advance... I’m just getting older and might not be able to afford iPhones one day, and I don’t want to lose everything I’ve colored or am working on...

Love this app, but.....

Sandbox is awesome! But I’ve had a recent problem with not updating!!!! I don’t get new pictures every day!😡 I also can’t search for pictures! Now I’m thinking of quitting this app because of that! What’s the point of sandbox if you can’t get pictures! Plz help!

Great, but...

It is one of the best pixel art apps I’ve seen It is easy to use, but it would be better if you could import photos and work on them using sandbox Thank you for reading my review!


This app is amazing it releases stress any I play it all day definitely the best app

Awesome 👍

Sandbox is a top rate game it is so so so awesome I literally cannot stop playing this game it AWESOME!!👍

Not bad

It’s really a good game however you have to pay for other colorings which is fair but at paint one or a few of them but anyways it’s a good game

Me encanto

Muy buen juego

Cute, but...

This is a cute game; it’s fast, it’s colorful, and keeps my mind distracted. But you want me to pay monthly for all access as much is I pay for Hulu (w/commercials) or Netflix or Apple Music?? Maybe offer a package of 10 with topics like, Summer, or Birthdays for .99¢. Or you could probably, to make it more intriguing, not show us what the object looks like until after we finish; just a thought.

Gives kids creative thinking

When I first got sand box I thought it was for young kids,But after completely finished my first picture on it. I was inspired to draw more often!

AWESOME 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

I think it awesome because it is pretty much like painting but on a electronics From Braxton Zinter

The best app!

I love this app! But he updates take forever! :-(

5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is amazing I love all of the colors and all of the new upgrades are awesome the double tap makes things so much easier. And now you can even change the colors????????!!!!!!!? Out of all five I would obviously give it the score it deserves a 5 star rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is awesome you should get this game!!!!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

To much

When I started playing this app I saw some great pictures so I taped on it and there were so many square to tap.😬🕴🏽🎓

Thank you!

Thanks for taking off the notifications, great game BTW.


It is not bad and good at the same time


I love sandbox and it is so much better then other games I feel so proud of the amazing game I love how it works and how it is for all ages

Best Game Ever!

This game is so dang fun I mean its just such a relaxing game and it really takes stress away and calms you down

Don’t get

I don’t even want to put one star it’s that bad

Beyond irritating notifications.

I like the app, I sincerely enjoy it. However, just in the last eight minutes I’ve gotten six identical Notifications from the app. And another just now as I’m typing. This happens occasionally and I can assure you, there will be several more in the next few minutes. I understand I can just disable notifications, but that shouldn’t be necessary. I shouldn’t have to disable Notifications from an app just to maintain my sanity. EDIT: Thank you Sandbox for fixing the bug. I did end up getting a TON more notifications but I won’t stop using the app since I love it. I also appreciate the response and that you fixed it ASAP. Thanks for the awesome content!


Lots of people like this app but I hate how long it takes to color I know that’s the point but they should make a setting where if u mess up u don’t have to erase it cause it’ll erase by itself

Oh Sandbox. What have you done.

Sandbox. What have you done to this amazing app! The double tap cheats are driving me nuts! People are starting to go through drawings too fast for anyone to make them! And now with the advanced Auto fill option they can finish in a couple minutes! The point of this app was to help people wait for something by working on drawings for a while. But now, that isn't the case at all! I like the app and the drawings but not the chests. Also, I have submitted countless drawings to the app and none ever make it.

Best game ever!!!!!!

This game is so fun my friends recommended it... And they were right!!!!! They add new pics every day

It’s ok

When you make a mistake on a part you already colored, it turns white again and you have to redo the spot you already colored

I really enjoy this game

No ads it’s fun and it’s time consuming

Pixel dream

This app is the best one of its kind. No adverts, smooth movement, updating pictures all the time, and being able to make your own coloring pages is the best. The make your own sprites option if you swipe left, is very awesome and seems to be unique to this app. Swiping right to your own gallery will give you the option to import your own images. This is one of the best features on the app, as its unlimited ( if youre free to play), and offers good options to color. You dont even need to subscribe to get the best option for images you can provide, if you are clever enough. While there's plenty of images free to color, making your own is where this shines the most. Highly recommended!

Amazing work.

Never seen something so creative, my two girls love it


I love this game

Great app, only one drawback

I love this app, it is the best one of the color by number games in my opinion. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t separate out the pictures you haven’t finished coloring by the ones you have. They would complete the app and make it perfect!

In love

Omg I love this app so so much. It’s like I’m in love. I was at a restaurant and my phone was on 4 percent I was like omg we have to leave because I need to play this game let’s go come on you should play this game 😃

Awesome App #DaBest but.... no 3-D 😢

Super fun and relaxing, and it has really cute graphics and pictures. it’s always working and never glitches it’s just that ......... that I wish that it had 3-D pictures, all the other coloring apps do but you have to pay weekly that’s why I like sandbox, it’s free. Overall I absolutely love sandbox and hope they keep doing #DaBest pictures and graphics just please consider 3-D thx (also this app is suitable for probably almost all Ages)

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